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After mentioning their name, someone asked how their music sounded. "Sigulka is Sigulka" I replied, aware that the explanation was so obvious that it could have produced perplexity who was expecting a more clear and simple answer.  However, anyone who has heard their music knows that this is a fairly accurate definition will distort the following lines, in the awkwardness of explaining the uniqueness of his style.

Sigulka is something so simple and so complex as crossbreeding. It is iron and silk, rock and water. Sigulka is joy, vivacity and party, wings, roots and dreams. It also is the beat of the Black Sea Black Sea, Celtic heart and rhythm of rock. Sigulka is ... Sigulka.

Probably the disparate origins of its five components is the main element that ensures that each chord is unique yet indispensable in a string of sounds that no one can remain indifferent to the embrace of its rhythm.

While the music plays, Sigulka completes every small space that you can see with a river of light and symbols that connect the music without timidity, with the symbols of medieval Celtic culture that are drawn in in the Book of Kells or in the Durrow.

Drawing divine lines, scenery and Sigulka’s music intertwines in almost impossible dance, incredible knots and thousands of sounds, tied together being the end, results in the beginning as happens in as a complete circle

For the lucky ones who one day hear their music, the group has produced Blackstorm, an album that from its name evokes dreams, storms and legends.

Sigulka, lest that nobody forgets, is Sigulka.

Written by Ana Manzano Peral
Translated by Karin Eckhard

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